Book Ghostwriting & Editing

Book Writing & Ghostwriting Services

Imagine a copy of your latest book in the hands of an aspiring leader – pages marked up, highlighted, dog-eared, tabbed, bookmarked, always open to a favorite quote or story.

If you would love to create that book, but you wonder where you will find the time, or you don’t know where to start, I can help.

Through a combination of interviewing, brainstorming, outlining, reading materials by/about you, consulting, and ghostwriting, I will create a book in your words, in your voice, and filled with your wisdom. That book will help you to pass your legacy of leadership to your readers.

I can also create blog posts, website articles, e-books, online courses, and e-courses to accompany your book and to help you reach more people.

Looking to self-publish? I can help you get that started. Prefer traditional publishing? I can create your book proposal.

Please note that I work only with non-fiction writing.

However, as I am also trained in fiction writing and editing, I do help clients who wish to incorporate fictionalized elements (scenes, characters, dialogue, hypothetical case studies) into their non-fiction books.

If you are looking for these types of writing services, please contact me for a free consultation.

Book Editing & Critique Services

I also offer professional book editing and critique services. Some of the book titles I have edited can be seen on my Portfolio Page.

Because of the wide variety of publishing style guides, I do not offer editing “to style.” Instead, I would recommend hiring an editor or proofreader who specializes in a specific style.

However, if you are looking for substantive and copy editing for audience engagement and readability, I’m your editor. A free consultation is waiting for you!

You might also enjoy this article I wrote on the editing process: Are You Ready for an Editor?

The Importance of Editing & Proofreading

If you want to create the best possible book for publication, it is important to have more than one set of eyes looking over the manuscript. In fact, the more trained eyes, the better.

When a client hires me to ghostwrite a book manuscript, I always edit and proof my own work initially. But that’s not enough. Another editor who hasn’t seen the manuscript needs to review it. And then a proofreader, with a fresh pair of eyes, needs to give a final proof.

Likewise, when a client hires me for editing, I always recommend that a final proofreader reviews the manuscript after all edits are completed.

The reason for the final proof is that the human eye and brain are wonderful at “auto-correcting” mistakes. When a writer or editor has worked on a manuscript for any length of time, that person is literally incapable of seeing typos or other errors. Once the brain is familiar with the manuscript, it literally corrects what’s on the page. The printed word might say “topy,” but the human brain literally sees “typo.” This is a wonder of human physiology, but it can wreak havoc on a book manuscript.

When you work with me as a ghostwriter, I will recommend that you hire an additional editor for your project, as well as another professional to do the final proofread.

When you hire me as a book editor, I will recommend that you additionally hire a final proofreader.

I am networked with professionals I trust and am glad to provide those connections for you.

I invite you to contact me for a free consultation about your book preparation needs.