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Web Content

Your website is your front door. Powerful web copy lets prospects know what you offer and why they should come inside.

Web Articles

As visitors explore your website, your articles will engage them to spend more time there, getting to know you and your organization. People like to share good articles; they will bookmark those pages. With enough great content, you can become a go-to resource, which leads to customers, clients, referrals, donors, supporters. Each article will also build your online presence to bring more interested prospects to your website.

Blog Posts

Your blog posts offer the same engagement as articles for your prospects, but with a personal touch. People will get an inside glimpse: they will learn what you are all about and why you do what you do. Compelling blog posts invite people to interact, giving them new ideas and insights, and helping them feel like they know you. People tend to do business with people they know.


If you were to connect a series of blog posts, you would have the basis of an e-book. You can tailor your e-books around specific topics, or give a broad overview. E-books make wonderful free gifts to thank your prospective clients and customers for visiting your site.

Expect your e-books to be shared and bring in more visitors to your website. Choose your e-book topics according to what your prospects most need from a business like yours. The e-book is the appetizer. Your products or services provide the entree and dessert.

Special Reports

Special reports are a great way to connect with prospects and referrals. They provide such valuable insights that they are sure to be circulated widely. These strategic reports are an effective way to show your thought leadership within and beyond your industry.

There is a great deal of conversation taking place in the areas of corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and cause marketing. Special reports are a wonderful tool for engaging in those discussions.

E-Courses & Online Courses

Another creative way to attract prospects and keep them engaged is to offer a free e-course. This can be done through an autoresponder series of emails. It can also be done through a free online course platform. You might even consider creating and offering some paid online courses for those who wish to continue their learning and engagement. Helping people through hands-on learning and activities is a great way to involve them in your social responsibility and sustainability efforts. E-courses are a great way to introduce people to your new products and services too.


Brochures can take many creative formats, depending on who will receive and use them. They can be printed and shared online. Brochures offer a snapshot of what you provide, and they offer an easy way for people to send you referral clients or customers. Brochures also invite follow-ups to learn more about what you offer.

Book Writing & Editing

Maybe you have never thought of writing a book, but consider the possibilities. A book is potentially the most powerful business card you can give someone. The approaches are endless to creating a book that communicates what you do to make the world a better place.

Technology has made book creation very accessible, and you can easily convert your print book to a digital copy as well. Through strategic book promotion in online bookstores like Amazon and in your local community, you have the ability to reach new audiences with your vision.

Since 2003, I have enjoyed the privilege of working on 41 books as editor or author. To learn more, please visit my book editing website, Express Yourself Editing.

My Portfolio page includes listings of books I have worked on with clients.

I would enjoy talking with you about the books and e-books you hope to create, as well as the special reports, long-form blog posts and web articles, e-courses, and website content that will help you tell your story.

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