“I have had the privilege of working with Janet on several different writing projects. She has always come in way above the grade of what I have asked for or even imagined. She is an accomplished writer and has amazing experience in the field of publishing/editing. Her creative perspective is a rare gift to find in someone of such a broad band of intellect. Not only has she served me well in every experience but she is also very professional and a pleasure to work with. She has the gift of bringing words to life. I highly recommend her in any capacity of the written word.” — Kerri A. Johnson, Founder & Coordinator, The Center for Inner Healing


“Working with Janet is a dream come true; extremely knowledgeable and experienced, a wonderful writer with much care and compassion for the work as well as the client. So very easy to work with and always open to suggestions. Would love to work with her again.” — Ron Escoffery, Financial Coach, Real Estate Coach & Mentor, Personal Development Coach, Entrepreneur, Author & Speaker


“I had the privilege of working closely with Janet for two years. She was in charge of a writing lab for teenagers who were participating in a Christian residential facility program. Many of these students were several grade levels behind academically; many were considered very reluctant learners. Daily she encouraged, taught, and worked with small groups of students. The work the students were able to produce under her leadership was exceptional! Students made a school devotional, worked on writing their testimony, wrote pieces of non-fiction, and created entries for a school magazine. I saw their writing, their confidence, and their productivity dramatically increase over time. The skills she taught the students greatly helped them progress both academically and emotionally. She was deeply missed by students and staff alike when she was called to other fields.” — Mary-Lee Reynolds, Former Language Arts Teacher, Eagle Ranch School


Responses from my clients at Upwork and Guru:

“Wow. We are impressed by Janet. She did exactly what we asked for, and submitted the work before deadline. We are already thinking of working with her again!”

“Janet is my favorite freelancer at Upwork … She is a very skilled writer and is easy to work with.”

“One of the best writers that I have encountered.”

“Exceptional work! Very unique and creative. Would definitely give her more work.”

“I really needed this kind of work.”

“Janet did great work and I look forward to working with her again.”

“Excellent as usual. Will continue working with Janet.”

“Great work, well-written and thoughtful + fast on delivery. Highly recommended!”


“I have had the pleasure of knowing Janet for over 10 years. During that time, I have enjoyed reading many of her writings, including books, testimonies, and blogs. Each year that we travel to Guatemala on mission trips, Janet writes for our blog site. Not only is her writing enjoyable, it is also heartfelt. With her intellect she brings a great historical view. But what is most enjoyable for me is that Janet puts her heart and soul into her writing. When you read the blogs it’s as if you were there yourself. She allows you to picture it and to feel it. She has been given a talent and is able to use it in many ways! I enjoyed being on the end to receive the blessings.” — Mary Fowler, Co-Leader, Guatemala Mission Team


“Friends: Going down memory lane is sometimes a good thing to do. I have always loved writing but I never seemed to get anywhere with the process. I wasn’t really secure about what I was trying to do.

“In my late fifties I felt the need to start writing again but I didn’t want to just spin my wheels, so to say. I was participating on a writer’s site and saw an advertisement Janet Eriksson had regarding a writing class she was teaching. I finally decided to contact her and see what was involved. For me, it was one of the best things I have ever done.

“Janet is a very personable and fun spirited person, she enjoys life. She is very knowledgeable about her craft of writing and editing. She coached me through my first two e-books and built a confidence in myself that I had never experienced before.

“I was able to see her work firsthand when she held a writer’s conference in our town. I was impressed by her thoroughness and efficiency throughout the event. Her integrity was above reproach. When she does a job for you, you can be assured you will get your money’s worth.

“She had an online magazine “Reflections” that I was privileged to have several articles published in. Her seeing my potential as a writer and her willingness to invest her time to help me reach my goal has been so fulfilling.

“Not only is she very talented at her crafts wot writing and editing, she is an awesome friend. She will always give you her best because everything she does she does as unto the Lord.”

— Janie King, Writer


The following titles on Amazon are books I have edited for my clients:

200+ Mind/Body Explosions – Dr. John Raber

Sweet Honey ‘Er Sour Vinegar – Dr. John Raber

Unwrap the Sticky Wrapper – Dr. John Raber

Bail Bonds 101 – Sean M. Cook

Bail Bonds 201 – Sean M. Cook

Trusting Love – Donna Estes

T11 – Jay Monteer

From Layoff to Liftoff – Roger Mallory (“as told to” ghostwriter)

He Sat Down – Todd Smith (editing team; partial manuscript)


The following titles on Amazon are books I have authored:

When All Is Lost: A Personal Story of 9/11 Trauma and the Healing Power of Christ – Janet Lynn Eriksson

Personal Bible Study for Christian Writers: 2 Corinthians – Janet Lynn Eriksson

It Takes a Spark: Your Step-By-Step Guide to Kindling the Fire of Intercessory Prayer in Your Church – Janet Lynn Eriksson

Renewing – Janet Lynn Eriksson

I Choose Life – Janet Lynn Eriksson