I hope you will enjoy reading these samples of my writing and editing for my clients in a variety of industries. Perhaps these will spark some creative ideas for you.


4 Tips for New Middle Managers – Blog Writing, Client Website

8 Steps for Transition to Middle Management – Blog Writing, Client Website

If You Did It, Claim It – Blog Writing, Client Website

Right Job, Right Time, Right Way – Blog Writing, Client Website


It All Starts with Creativity – Web Writing


10 Blockchain Companies to Watch in 2018 – Blog Writing, Client Website

Non-Profit Spotlight: Blockchain Education Network (BEN) – Blog Writing, Client Website

A Primer on Blockchain for Newbies – Blog Writing, Client Website


5 Steps to Protect Your Pipes in the Winter – Article Writing


Bail Bonds 101 (Sean M. Cook) – Book Editing, Client Project

Bail Bonds 201 (Sean M. Cook) – Book Editing, Client Project


T 11 (Jay Monteer) – Book Editing, Client Project

Trusting Love (Donna Estes) – Book Editing, Client Project


200+ Mind/Body Explosions (Dr. John Raber) – Book Editing, Client Project

From Layoff to Liftoff (Roger Mallory) – Book Editing, Client Project

Sweet Honey ‘Er Sour Vinegar (Dr. John Raber) – Book Editing, Client Project

Unwrap the Sticky Wrapper (Dr. John Raber) – Book Editing, Client Project


The Center for Inner Healing – Blog and Web Content Editing, Client Website

Christian Writers’ Studio – Blog Writing, Web Writing

Christian Writers’ Studio Online School – Online Course Writing, Web Writing

He Sat Down (Todd Smith) – Book Editing Team, Partial Manuscript, Client Project

Hometown Prayer Academy – Online Course Writing, Web Writing

Hometown Prayer Mission – Blog Writing, Web Writing

I Choose Life (Janet Lynn Eriksson) – Book Writing

It Takes a Spark (Janet Lynn Eriksson) – Book Writing

Personal Bible Study for Christian Writers: 2 Corinthians (Janet Lynn Eriksson) – E-Book Writing

Renewing (Janet Lynn Eriksson) – Book Writing

When All Is Lost: A Personal Story of 9/11 Trauma and the Healing Power of Christ (Janet Lynn Eriksson) – E-Book Writing

Writing about ministries is one of my specialties. You are invited to visit my Adventures with God  ministry website to read more of my ministry writing.


British Black Short Hair Review – Pet Review, Client Website

Common Goldfish Review – Pet Review, Client Website

Kuvasz Review – Pet Review, Client Website

Yorkshire Terrier Review – Pet Review, Client Website

Writing about pet care services and products is one of my specialties. You are invited to visit my Barking Blog website to learn more about my pet writing and editing services.


5 Lifestyle Changes to Fight Acne – Article Writing

5 Stress-Free Ways to Clear Up Acne – Article Writing

You Set the Tone for Spring – Print Ad Writing


5 Reasons You Will Love Playing Candyland with Your Kids – Article Writing


5 Reasons to Honeymoon in Dahlonega – Article Writing

Southern Food and Charm for Half the Price – Article Writing

Teenage English Lessons in a Polish Suburb – Blog Writing

The Beauty of an Ordinary Moment in Belarus – Blog Writing

What do Tortellini, Tiramisu, and the Theater Have in Common – Sales Letter Writing


Are You Ready for an Editor – Blog Writing

If You Find Yourself Gazing Intently On an Adverb – Blog Writing