Your Book Is a Great Business Card

When people talk to me about writing a book, one of the first questions they ask is, “How much can I earn from my book?”

My answer is, “Assume you will earn nothing.”

Money and income are not good reasons to write and publish. While some authors do have breakthroughs, most books earn very little. Most new authors aren’t ready for the amount of marketing and publicity they will need to do – not to mention the out-of-pocket costs that come with that. Even if they go all-out on book promotional efforts, they are unlikely to see good returns.

While money is not a good motivation to write a book, there is a business advantage – if you are writing about the business you are in. A book is one of the best business cards you can give a potential client. Will it cost you money to give away your books? Yes, of course. But if you are willing to invest in your business, a book is a wonderful business card.

When you give your book to a prospect, they learn a lot about you. They will see that you

  • Take initiative.
  • Are a thought leader in your industry.
  • Have wisdom and experience to share – and are willing to share it.
  • Are able to complete a significant project (a book is not a small thing to put together).
  • Are generous with information – after all, you’ve given this person one of your books.

Books are a better conversation starter than a business card. When you give someone a book, they will find plenty to talk about with you.

You can also give your books as gifts or prizes at events you host or at venues where you are a guest speaker.

If you remember to put your business contact information in the front and back of your book before you print it, that information will be handed to more than the person you give it to. People like to give, lend, and recommend good books to others.

Obviously, you want to use some finesse in giving out your book. You probably don’t want to walk up to a stranger and hand him a copy – although I have a friend who would. But if you keep several copies with you, you’ll be surprised at the openings in conversations that lead naturally to, “Here’s a book you might enjoy reading. I wrote it.”

So, if you are in business and thinking about writing a book, be sure to have the right perspective. Don’t expect a sudden boost in your income – if that happens, it will be a pleasant surprise. But do expect to get a great business card and conversation starter for the next event you attend or lead.

Sharing Your Legacy of Leadership through a Book

If you have served in leadership for a while, in any environment (business, family, nonprofit, education, healthcare, military), you have lived through many challenges. You’ve experienced things – good and bad – that you never expected. You’ve learned that encouragement and humility win the day. Probably you don’t regret a moment of this journey, even though some things didn’t turn out the way you’d hoped.

What you may not realize is how much people need to learn from your experiences and from the wisdom you have encountered along the way. They need your words of encouragement. Wouldn’t it be great if those who come after you don’t have to make discoveries the hard way?

One thing I’ve learned in working with leaders is how humble the best leaders are. If you’re the kind of leader I enjoy working with – and I believe you are – you probably don’t even think of yourself as a leader, let alone someone who should be putting words of wisdom in a book. The thought probably embarrasses you and goes against everything you’ve been taught about humility.

But reality is that you are a leader. It’s evident in the way you live, encourage, mentor, empower, and inspire, and by the roles you play in people’s lives.

You have so much to share. I would go so far as to say you have a responsibility to share what you’ve learned, and to teach by example how to lead. We, your readers and future generations of leaders need this!

You may feel like the more you have experienced, the less you know. But it’s your unique leadership experiences and your view of the world that the rest of us need to read and learn.

The world needs your legacy of leadership. It really does. One of the best ways to pass your legacy to others is through writing. Have you ever thought of what a gift your book would be for people who have yet to walk where you have walked?

I have spent 15 years ghostwriting and editing books for leaders like you. Leaders with real heart who have led through the trenches of life, work, home, and community. It has been a privilege to get to know each author and each story. I enjoy recommending these books and buying copies as gifts because I know people will be blessed by them.

To see a partial list of some of the books I have edited, please visit my Testimonials page. I don’t have any financial stake in recommending these books. I’m just incredibly proud of these authors for stepping out and sharing their life and wisdom in a book. If you have been considering writing a book to share your experiences, I hope seeing their books will inspire and encourage you.