Creating a Corporate Culture of Giving: An Inspiring Example

I just read the most inspiring article about a company that gives back to the community: “Most Influential 2017: Charles Antis wears his heart on his socks, spreads messages of corporate social responsibility,”¬†authored by Theresa Walker and published in The Orange County Register.¬†

I think every business owner and every community would be inspired by reading this article.

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Got Bloggers?

Did you know that if you are a nonprofit organization, you can invite bloggers to write in their personal blogs in support of your organization? (If you are a for-profit company doing a market campaign with a nonprofit, you might want to know this as well. It would be a great suggestion to give to your nonprofit partners, and you might have the resources to help them set it up.)

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Blog Posts Build Customer Relationships

Blog posts are a great way to build relationships with your clients, customers, and prospects. When people read your blog, they connect with you and your business. They get to hear your helpful suggestions. They discover some insights into a problem they are trying to solve.

One of your most effective blog posts is to share a way your clients or customers can do for themselves what you could do for them.

That might seem counter-intuitive. You want them to come to you for help. Why would you teach them how to do it themselves?

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Writing about Your Corporate Social Responsibility … A First, Easy Step

All the conversations about corporate social responsibility can seem daunting.

Especially if you’re a small business.

Are you supposed to change everything overnight? What will potential clients or customers expect from you? Do you have to carry the weight of the world, when you’re understaffed? Does this really affect you, and what can you do?

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