Are Your Blog Posts Evergreen?

If you are building your business blog or if you haven’t posted in a while, a great way to start is to create evergreen blog posts. These are the posts that last over time. Just like evergreen trees, evergreen blog posts are always alive and relevant, throughout the year, season after season, year after year. Your evergreen posts are the ones you will often refer people to read.

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12 Tips to Make Your Audio Recording “Transcription Ready”

Photo by OpenClipart Vectors at Pixabay

I’ve been transcribing audio files through an online vendor. One of the biggest challenges – and the biggest reason I will turn down a project – is poor audio quality. And I feel for those clients. Whoever takes their transcription projects is going to have a hard time creating a transcript that meets the clients’ expectations. A transcriptionist, no matter how experienced, can work only with the audio quality he or she has been given.

To get the high-quality transcripts you are seeking from your audio or video recordings, here are 12 helpful hints:

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Make Your Pet Business Website a Community Pet Resource

If you provide pet products or services, with the addition of one page on your website you can become a community go-to resource. (If you are in a different industry, think about ways you can adapt this strategy to your business.)

Imagine how many times your company will be mentioned when people are looking for community pet-related information: “Oh, you’re looking for xyz? I found great info at ABC Company’s website.”

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Does Your Animal Rescue Website Have a Blog?

blog writing for animal rescue organizations
Photo courtesy of MatanVizel at Pixabay

Working with rescued animals is a full-time job … and then some. I have friends who have worked in rescue organizations, and I’ve heard their stories. I know it’s difficult to think about anything beyond the animals themselves. And that is so important!

But it’s also important that interested people find your website and learn what you do. These might be people who will become foster or full-time pet parents. They might be volunteers willing to give their time and share some of the daily workload. And they might be donors who can refurbish your facilities and give you needed supplies.

One of the most helpful and engaging ways to bring people to your website – and keep them returning – is to create and maintain a blog. I know what you’re thinking: that’s one more thing to do. And you’re not alone. In my online research, I’ve discovered that many animal rescue websites don’t have a blog. I get it! I’ve volunteered with nonprofits myself. It’s enough of a challenge to keep things running day to day. Who has time for a blog?

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12 Simple Questions to Bring Your Organization’s Blog to Life

With all the amazing work your organization is doing in the community, it’s not easy to find time to keep your blog up to date. But your blog is one of the first places people will visit to learn about what you are doing.

How do you keep adding to your blog when you don’t have much time?

Keep it simple.

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Sharing Your Legacy of Leadership through a Book

If you have served in leadership for a while, in any environment (business, family, nonprofit, education, healthcare, military), you have lived through many challenges. You’ve experienced things – good and bad – that you never expected. You’ve learned that encouragement and humility win the day. Probably you don’t regret a moment of this journey, even though some things didn’t turn out the way you’d hoped. Continue reading “Sharing Your Legacy of Leadership through a Book”