Social Responsibility

Like you, I want to share the ways my business is contributing to social responsibility and global change.

Here are several ways I am pursuing social responsibility through my content writing and editing business:

1. As a business leader in my community, I volunteer in local missions and I teach at the local jail.

2. To reduce my business’s environmental impact … I work from home! No office space and no commuting.

3. As a professional writer and editor, I not only review successful cause marketing campaigns, so I can share with my clients what makes those campaigns effective. I also participate directly in those campaigns, as a consumer and supporter.

4. I hope my content writing and editing services can help make the world a better place: through my own blogging and e-book writing to raise awareness of local and global needs; and through supporting my clients’ efforts, by writing and editing their stories of social responsibility.

5. I was inspired by a copywriting business that featured a nonprofit organization on their website – a cause they supported with their business. Not only did I learn about a wonderful nonprofit I had never heard of. This also inspired me to feature The Center for Inner Healing, Inc. as a local nonprofit organization I support with my writing and editing services.

How can I help you tell your stories of social responsibility? Please contact me for a free consultation. Let’s talk about the many ways your organization is making the world a better place, and how to communicate that.


Janet Eriksson

P.S. If you have a small business, and you would like to know how I came up with the 5 points listed above, you might enjoy reading my blog post (below) written specifically for you. In this post, I give you a very easy way to start a Social Responsibility page on your business website, just like I started this one.

Writing about Your Corporate Social Responsibility … A First, Easy Step.