Top 10 Reasons I Can Write and Edit to Share Your Story with the World

  1. I want you to succeed. As a life-long mentor and teacher, I have a built-in desire to help and encourage you and your business to be who you really are.
  2. I will listen and get to know your voice. After years of writing numerous articles and pages of content for my clients, often based on my interviews with them, I know how to draw out your voice and vision. Your voice will stand out in everything I write for you.
  3. I am excited about your vision. You are helping to change the world in unique ways. I think that’s awesome! I am excited about the work you are doing, and I want to help you share your story with the world.
  4. I can turn your vision into creative materials that will engage your company’s prospects, customers, clients, and employees. I have done this for many businesses and nonprofits. I learned this strategy years ago, in the trenches, as a visiting lecturer overseas. In the early days of online communications, I built a multi-country educational initiative with very few resources. To support the initiative, I created web content, brochures, info products, letters, stories, and e-courses, and inspired others to do the same. Since then, I have celebrated each new generation of technology and communications strategies, whether my clients’ audience is around the world or down the street. I continue to write, edit, and publish at the leading edge of content creation, digital sharing, and self-publishing.
  5. I know what’s trending in content writing, blogging, digital inbound marketing, and self-publishing. I am passionate about communication through blog articles, web content, special reports, e-books, and books. I stay up-to-date on best practices in content creation and digital sharing.
  6. I can help you present your thought leadership to the world. I have written e-books, web pages, special reports, and strategic blog articles for my clients, as well as edited their books, to help them present their thought leadership to their website visitors and larger reading audience. I have also written and self-published my own books, web pages, e-books, and blogs.
  7. You have many stories to tell, and I am trained to tell them. Stories are one of the best ways to share with your clients, business prospects, or readers. I love hearing stories of the people whose lives you are changing through the work you do every day. I have learned the art of storytelling through writing novel manuscripts and true life stories. I was trained by Writers Retreat Workshop, Donald Maass’s Writing the Breakout Novel Workshops, and Writer’s Digest School. I know story structure, with hands-on experience of drawing the reader into the story through powerful setting, dialogue, and personality.
  8. My professional experience is uniquely tailored to your writing and editing needs. My background includes professional positions at for-profit companies and nonprofit organizations, corporate volunteering, academic teaching, and years of professional writing. My writing includes 17+ years as a professional copywriter, with training from American Writers and Artists, Inc. (AWAI) and HubSpot Academy (Inbound Certification).
  9. I will share with you what I practice in my own business. Like you, I want to communicate to my clients and prospective customers the services and information products I offer that will help them. I am continuously learning and engaging strategies for content creation, information products, blogging, inbound marketing, and self-publishing. What I learn and implement for my own business I also share with my clients.
  10. I am your target audience. I care about all the ways your business is leading the way in making the world a better place. As a conscientious consumer, I know what I look for from a business website, blog, or e-book. I know what pushes the right emotional buttons … and makes me feel like I’m part of something life-changing because of what your business is doing. I regularly review website content, blogs, info products, and books in my clients’ industries to see what works best and why.

If you would like to discuss your professional writing needs with me, please contact me for a free consultation.

Writing for a better world,

Janet Eriksson

book ghostwriter and book editor