Are Your Blog Posts Evergreen?

If you are building your business blog or if you haven’t posted in a while, a great way to start is to create evergreen blog posts. These are the posts that last over time. Just like evergreen trees, evergreen blog posts are always alive and relevant, throughout the year, season after season, year after year. Your evergreen posts are the ones you will often refer people to read.

I recommend that business blogs have at least 10 evergreen posts that you can refer people to read. If you are just starting your business blog, I encourage you to concentrate up front on writing evergreen posts. Those initial 10 posts will give you a solid foundation to build on. When you create evergreen posts, you will know you are spending your limited time on blog posts that will work hard for you and have a lasting impact. Because evergreen content remains relevant over time, those blog posts will need fewer updates. So you can concentrate on what’s timely and new.

Why are evergreen blog posts important? Evergreen content will help you grow your business in many ways. You can utilize evergreen blog posts to:

(1) Give your website visitors a solid overview of your business. The more they learn about your business through your eyes, the more they will feel like they know you and trust you.

(2) Answer many commonly asked questions. You will enjoy being able to refer clients and prospective customers to your online library of evergreen content.

(3) Show prospective clients you care enough to anticipate their needs and their greatest areas of concern. Clients will see you have taken the time to create thoughtful blog posts that address their most common concerns with in-depth insight.

(4) Demonstrate your expertise and thought leadership in your industry. Position yourself as an authority and go-to person when someone needs help in your line of business.

(5) Keep your main web pages from looking overwhelming and cluttered. A few simple links will allow visitors to explore a topic more deeply through your evergreen blog posts.

(6) Educate your website visitors by publishing a current topical post and then saying, “To learn more about this topic, please read ABC article” – with a link to the relevant evergreen post. That way, you don’t have to keep repeating basic information in each new blog post. You don’t have to assume your prospective customers have that basic knowledge. You just write your timely topical post and then link to the relevant evergreen article that gives prospective customers the basics.

(7) Provide great opportunities to link different parts of your website together to create a seamless prospective customer experience.

The more evergreen content you create, the more you will enjoy that last benefit. It is a wonderful feeling when you create a new blog post, and you find five or more posts you can link to from your existing evergreen library. The more evergreen content you have, the more opportunities you will see to add those links.

It’s fun to look at a line you have just written and think, Hmm. I can link to XYZ post that I already published on that topic. Fun and practical too because you are creating a better quality online experience for your prospective customers. With these interconnections, you are making your website look and be active as well.

Your website visitors will follow those links on a journey of getting to know you and your business more deeply. They are more likely to follow those posts to a conversion point, ready to respond because they have already engaged so much with your content. They are also likely to bookmark and share your post with its rich evergreen links.

How do you generate evergreen topics for your blog? You will find a helpful starting place simply by answering the following questions with bullet point ideas:

(1) What are the most common questions you are asked by current customers and prospective customers?

(2) What basic areas of your business do you wish your clients understood better?

(3) What are your clients’ most common pain points? For each pain point, what 3 helpful tips can you give them (without giving away the farm)?

(4) What intro “speech” do you find yourself repeating every time you talk to a new client or prospect?

(5) What areas of your business or industry do clients and prospects probably not know about – but they should?

(6) What wisdom have you learned from working in your industry that you want to share with clients or even with other professionals in your field?

(7) What interesting history, benefits, or other stories behind your services, products, ingredients, or business style can you share with your prospective customers?

Those bullet point answers that you just listed are potential topics for your evergreen blog posts.

If you are just building your blog or starting again after a break, I recommend focusing on some of those evergreen topics right away. Then keep the list handy for the next time you draw a blank for your blog topics. You can’t have too many evergreen blog posts. But you can have too few.

Depending on your blogging schedule, aim to get at least 10 evergreen posts on your blog within a year, even if that means one a month. Sometimes it helps to block off time and write several at once. If you do that, schedule them for posting over time if you need to, to keep a steady posting schedule.

In other words, don’t upload them all at once unless you know you can keep blogging on a regular basis. Consistency of blogging is more important than quantity or frequency. And no one will be able to read them if you upload them all at once. Depending on your blog design, visitors might not even see them if you post them all at once. Spread them out over time. Keep your blog fresh.

Here is one more tip you might find helpful about evergreen blog posts. If you create 20 evergreen posts, it may also be worth the effort to collect and publish them in an e-book that visitors to your website can download for free. I have so many posts on one of my blogs that people have told me they would even pay for an e-book to read my posts in one place, rather than hunting for them. You can find many creative ways to enhance your prospective customer experience and boost your website activity by including a downloadable e-book. And those evergreen blog posts are a great way to gather that content.

If you need help getting started, I offer a writing service in which I interview you to create a list of evergreen topics. Then I write a collection of 10 to 20 posts for you, sometimes with a short follow-up interview for any clarifications that are needed. I’ll help you formulate a plan for which articles to post when, and I will make suggestions for other more timely posts you may wish to write in between. I have also helped my clients turn those evergreen posts and interviews into e-books. I welcome you to contact me for a free consultation.