Make Your Pet Business Website a Community Pet Resource

If you provide pet products or services, with the addition of one page on your website you can become a community go-to resource. (If you are in a different industry, think about ways you can adapt this strategy to your business.)

Imagine how many times your company will be mentioned when people are looking for community pet-related information: “Oh, you’re looking for xyz? I found great info at ABC Company’s website.”

This is a great way to build trust with prospective customers. It’s also a way to give back to your community for the sake of our furry friends.

Pet website writing
Photo by Mabel Amber at Pixabay

One important item to include on your pet resources page is 24/7 emergency care – especially where to go in the middle of the night. If you provide emergency care, by all means, list your own contact information on your resource page. If you live in a big city or county, is there an additional 24/7 emergency service on the opposite side of town that you recommend? List them as well. They may be closer in the middle of the night, and you are building good will among the pet service providers in your community.

Think about other resources pet parents would find helpful:

• Who to call when a pet is poisoned.
• What to do if a pet goes missing.
• Affordable and trustworthy places to take a pet for a rabies shot or for spaying/neutering.
• Local dog parks/runs.
• Dog training services that you trust and recommend.
• Trustworthy local dog walking and pet sitting services.

Visitors to your community might be interested to know about pet-friendly hotels.

Volunteers may like to learn about programs at local shelters such as “doggy day out” or “reading with dogs” programs.

Newcomers to your community (or people preparing to move there) may be interested in the most reliable places to buy large animal supplies or to find chiropractic help.

What basic information do people ask you or call you about every day? Those questions may give you ideas for your community pet resources page.
After you create your resources page for your pet business website, you can also consider turning each item into a short blog post, highlighting one particular service per post. You can then link to that blog post from the appropriate topic on your pet resources page (and vice versa). This helps people navigate easily to find the information they are looking for.

It will take a little time to research and create this page for your website. But it will be worth it when someone says to you, “My dog’s life was saved last night because of the link I found on your website. Thank you.”

Pet website writing
Photo by Realworkhard at Pixabay