Does Your Animal Rescue Website Have a Blog?

blog writing for animal rescue organizations
Photo courtesy of MatanVizel at Pixabay

Working with rescued animals is a full-time job … and then some. I have friends who have worked in rescue organizations, and I’ve heard their stories. I know it’s difficult to think about anything beyond the animals themselves. And that is so important!

But it’s also important that interested people find your website and learn what you do. These might be people who will become foster or full-time pet parents. They might be volunteers willing to give their time and share some of the daily workload. And they might be donors who can refurbish your facilities and give you needed supplies.

One of the most helpful and engaging ways to bring people to your website – and keep them returning – is to create and maintain a blog. I know what you’re thinking: that’s one more thing to do. And you’re not alone. In my online research, I’ve discovered that many animal rescue websites don’t have a blog. I get it! I’ve volunteered with nonprofits myself. It’s enough of a challenge to keep things running day to day. Who has time for a blog?

blog writing for animal rescue organizations
Photo courtesy of LubosHouska at Pixabay

Even though blogs take extra work, they are worth the effort. Blogs help people find you when they are searching online. Blog content helps nurture relationships with your website visitors, who might turn into customers, community supporters, donors, or volunteers. An active blog makes your website look as active as your facility is. When people come to your website, you want them to have the same feeling they would get walking through your doors.

There is some good news here. Because many organizations like yours do not have a blog, even if you posted once a week, or every two weeks, or even once a month, it would set you apart. A few good posts added on a regular basis will engage your website visitors – and help them find you in the first place. It will let them know your organization is active and caring.

And what if you and your board search for the right volunteers to write for and maintain your blog? That’s more help than you had initially. Those bloggers might just jump in and volunteer in more ways. And that’s more people to spread the word about the wonderful things you do.

A blog takes time to write and grow. But with small steps and some helping hands, you can watch your blog blossom and discover that people enjoy and anticipate reading it.

Happy Blogging!