People Are Waiting for Your Blog

I love writing blog posts. Why? Because I also love reading blogs. I enjoy the experience. As a writer and business owner, I want to create that experience for others. Your blog will also create an amazing experience for your website visitors.

That’s exactly what people want to find in your blog: an amazing experience. They want to come to your website, read your blog, and feel like they have already tried out your products or services through the stories you share. They want to have that experience before they sign up or purchase something. If you create this atmosphere for them, your product or service will fit in easily. The experience comes first.

How do you create that atmosphere with your blog? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Let readers know who you are. Tell your story. Why do you love your product or service so much? How has it changed your life? (Let people know how you, yourself, are a customer or client of your own business.) What motivated you to start this business to offer this product or service to others? How do you hope to help make their lives better?
  2. Why should readers trust your perspective on your field of business? What are the specific problems and struggles you have seen – and personally experienced – that have motivated you to offer a solution? (Very often, we are concerned about our loved ones and readers will connect emotionally with your honesty.) What are your values – as a person and as a business leader?
  3. What is it like for you to work with your products or services every day? What are some of the highlights, the memorable moments in the life of your business? Share about a time when you said, “Wow, I’m so glad I get to do this every day.” People love those stories. They want to be part of those experiences.
  4. What advice, suggestions, and helpful tips can you share with your website visitors, based on your experiences of working in this business? If you had only one opportunity to talk to a person who is asking questions about your products or services, what would you want that person to know? Don’t think about sales. This is a bigger moment. If you had one chance to impart some wisdom or a helpful suggestion about the problems or struggles that brought that person to your website, what would it be? Picture the person standing in front of you, asking for help. What would you say to that person?
  5. Think about something new and surprising that’s happened with your business. It could be a discovery that led to a new product or service. Or just one of those amazing moments when you said, “Wow. Did that just really happen?” If you have employees, think about a moment when one of them experienced something fascinating or even life-changing at work. Or a unique moment when a customer or client shared something interesting about your products or services. (Obviously, you’ll either want their permission to share – which is a powerful way to blog – or you can share more generically using a different name and changing the specifics.)

People enjoy hearing stories. They enjoy experiences. Your prospective clients and customers actually want a blog they can look forward to reading and sharing. If they were interested enough in your product or service to find your blog post, they want to know more. They want to explore and try out what you offer before they make a purchase decision. They want to find someone they can trust for reliable information and answers to their questions, and then spend some time listening to you.

A well-crafted blog can provide all of that and more. Your clients and customers are waiting to hear from you. It’s time to start blogging! What will your next blog post be? Let me know – I would love to read it.