Blog Posts Build Customer Relationships

Blog posts are a great way to build relationships with your clients, customers, and prospects. When people read your blog, they connect with you and your business. They get to hear your helpful suggestions. They discover some insights into a problem they are trying to solve.

One of your most effective blog posts is to share a way your clients or customers can do for themselves what you could do for them.

That might seem counter-intuitive. You want them to come to you for help. Why would you teach them how to do it themselves?

Here are three great reasons to share a helpful how-to in your blog posts:

1. You can’t go wrong giving something away. You will always get more in return than you give. When you are generous with your clients and customers, they will be generous with you.

2. Each time you share helpful advice, you position yourself as an expert. People who read your blog will see how much you understand, just by how you describe your answers to their problems. This makes your website a trusted go-to resource, and one they will share with their friends. Trust is not easy to build. The more relevant insights you share in your blog, the more people will trust you.

3. In many situations, no matter how well you describe a solution to your clients’ or customers’ problems, they will not be able to do it by themselves. They will still need help. And whose help will they seek, but the person who tried to get them started: You! Even if they are able to put your advice to good use and get past their immediate problem, who will they turn to down the road, when they encounter a bigger problem they can’t fix by themselves? Again: You!

Blogging is a great way to share what you know, to help people see firsthand what you can do for them, and to become a trusted resource in your area of expertise. Where do you start? Find out what your customers or clients need most, and start talking to them about it through your blog.