Writing about Your Corporate Social Responsibility … A First, Easy Step

All the conversations about corporate social responsibility can seem daunting.

Especially if you’re a small business.

Are you supposed to change everything overnight? What will potential clients or customers expect from you? Do you have to carry the weight of the world, when you’re understaffed? Does this really affect you, and what can you do?

I work as a solopreneur. So I understand.

Don’t let this momentum for global change overwhelm you. And don’t be left out. This is your time to shine.

And don’t worry about the world, for a moment. Just think about your own community. I’ll bet you are already making a difference in your town. You just need a simple way to communicate what you are doing.

Below are 5 easy questions to ask yourself. Write a one- or two-sentence answer to each question. Tweak each response into full sentences that make sense without seeing the question. Then post your 5 responses on your website, on a simple page called “Social Responsibility.”

This is a great way to start communicating – to your website visitors, prospects, customers, clients, employees, and neighbors – what you are doing to make the world a better place.

Here are your questions:

1. What is one way your business (or you, as a business owner) has volunteered in your community? (Don’t overthink it; it’s probably right in front of you.) Bonus Question: If you have employees, what is one thing you’ve done to encourage them to volunteer?

2. What is one step you have taken to reduce your company’s environmental impact?

3. Name one thing your business has done to help a nonprofit in your community or region? (Again, look for what’s in front of you.)

4. Describe one simple way you hope your company can make the world a better place.

5. This last question might take a little more time to research, but try it out: Name one step, taken by a larger company in your industry, to bring awareness to a charitable cause or need. How did that inspire you?

Congratulations! You have just created great material to share on your website. And I hope these questions have inspired you to recognize more ways your business is making the world a better place.