Create Interest through Your Online Content

When I visit a cause-related website, I love to read and explore. I appreciate websites with lots of good content.

I especially like to read anything that shows me the impact my donation is making:

• Personal stories, where I can meet people who are overcoming struggles through their own determination and with help from people who want to make a difference.
• Articles that show me the specific ways big problems are decreasing through the efforts of your organization and others like you.
• Step-by-step descriptions that walk me through a particular field project or a day in the life.
• Anything that lets me feel “hands on” with the solution to a big problem that affects people’s lives.

If you can offer that kind of content, on a consistent basis, people will become regular visitors to your website. They will engage with your organization, possibly in more ways than just their monetary contributions.

Your content will help people come to know and trust you. They will start to see your organization as a resource for information about a particular problem and its solutions.

People love to share great content on social media and email their friends with links to your content pages.

Make your content as real, engaging, and insightful as possible. Invite your readers into your world, so they can feel and experience the situations you focus on every day.

Do that, and you will already have people involved as partners in your efforts, even before they decide to donate their funds, time, and social sharing. When they do become involved, you will have their commitment because they have already spent quality time with you, through your online content.

Look at 2-3 good content pieces that have piqued your interest in another organization’s efforts. What is it about the content that really draws you in and keeps you interested? That’s what you need to offer your own readers.