Do you have an idea for a book you would love to self-publish?

Every time you visit Amazon and see all those great books, you say, “My book should be here too!”

  • Maybe you’re a busy professional who would like to produce a book reflecting thought leadership in your field.
  • Or you might be a grandmother who has a powerful life story to tell that will help others get through a crisis.
  • Perhaps you own a chain of restaurants or gyms and have wisdom to share for people who would like to get into a similar business.
  • Possibly you are digging into your family’s history with stories to publish for future generations.
  • Maybe you are a real estate or investment specialist and wish you could give prospective clients a book, so they will know you can help them.
  • You might have survived an illness, injury, or other hardship and want to motivate others to press on and embrace life despite adversity.
  • Or perhaps you sell supplies and would like to create a book that educates the companies that use those supplies.
  • Maybe you’ve had the most amazing life experience and want to share it as a motivation and encouragement for others.

Books are amazing. No matter where you are in life, self-publishing your own book is a wonderful experience.

But maybe you don’t know where to start. Or how to finish.

That’s where I can help. I can help you create your book from concept to Kindle.

Already have your book manuscript written? I can work with you to edit your book. Editing encourages your best as a writer and helps you feel confident in connecting with your readers.

Then, I can take you through the process of self-publishing on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

Looking for a ghostwriter? I can help you take your ideas and shape them into a book as unique as you are.

Not sure where to start? I offer book coaching services as well.

Since 2003, I have enjoyed the privilege of working on 35 books. I have edited 13 books for clients and ghostwritten 14 client books. I’ve also authored and self-published 8 books of my own. For 19 of those projects, I formatted the books and took them all the way to the self-publishing stage. Many of those are available on Amazon, including all of mine.

I can help you get your ideas on paper, ghostwrite your book, help you through the editing process, format your book for Amazon (paperback and Kindle), and send you my favorite of all emails that I send to my clients: “Congratulations! Your book is available on Amazon.”

Please contact me for a free consultation.

Janet Eriksson, Book Editor and Ghostwriter