Did you know your business is uniquely positioned to change the world?

All over the world, businesses like yours have an amazing opportunity to lead global change.

We’re talking serious change: eradication of poverty, food scarcity, housing shortages, diseases, water crises, illiteracy …

Your business has a powerful voice.

You can change lives, while growing your profits, through cutting-edge innovations and thought leadership.

While this might seem overwhelming, the momentum is already here. All you need is to embrace a few creative challenges. And discover what you are doing already to pursue global improvement. Because I guarantee – you’re already doing this.

You have a story to tell – many stories – about your company’s place in improving the world. It’s vital to communicate what you are doing – in ways that will make a life-changing impact and draw people in to your mission.

It is my privilege to help you communicate your corporate citizenship and thought leadership through writing that captures your unique voice and vision.

If you are ready to tell your story of corporate social responsibility and sustainability, I would consider it a privilege to write the materials you need. Please contact me for a free consultation about your writing and editing needs.

Here’s to your company’s vision for a better world.


Janet Eriksson, Copywriter